K MAG Art Spot exhibition

Date: 13-23.04.2023
Place: Luna Cinema, 28 Marszałkowska, Warsaw

K MAG ART SPOT presents the works of two young, exceptionally talented artists and winners of the K MAG magazine awards, the Mosquitos 2022! At the exhibition you will see the work of illustrator Gosia Sobczakak Taxipictures and photographer Marta Kaczmarek.
For years, K MAG has been supporting young talent and giving an opportunity to artists who want to make their mark in the art world. This idea gave rise to the "Your Works" section on KMAG.pl 14 years ago, and its natural development is, among other things, the stationary gallery K MAG ART SPOT, where budding artists often have the opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience.

More information at https://kmag.pl/ and @kmag_artspot


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