Maria Molenda

Maria Molenda – a historian and costume designer. She holds a PhD in history from the Jagiellonian University. During her studies she spent a six-month fellowship at the University of Orléans in France. While studying for her PhD degree she participated in an apprenticeship at fabric department of the National Museum in Kraków. Professor Maria Molenda designs theatrical and film costumes inspired by history and folklore. She’s also a scholar, a screenwriter, and a theatrical director. Her reconstructions and costumes became part of museum collections in Poland and Slovakia. Her foundation Nomina Rosae supports the Atelier of Reconstruction of Historical Costumes where her designs are brought to life by a professional seamstress Elżbieta Mężyk. Professor Maria Molenda is an author of the book “Splendide vestitus. About the significance of costumes at the court of the Jagiellonian dynasty in the years 1447-1572” (Kraków, 2012) and numerous academic and popular science articles. She a recipient of the Benefactor Musaei Scepusiensis Award in the category “brilliant collaboration in the field of cultural activity”.


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