Sylwia Siedlecka

Sylwia Siedlecka (born 1980) – a writer and a scholar specialising in Bulgarian and Czech culture. She holds a PhD in cultural studies from the Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw. She works at the Institute of Western and Southern Slavic Studies at UW. She’s an author of the collection of short stories “Puppies” (2010), the novel “Moat” (2015), the monography “Pagans and intellectuals. Protagonists of Blaga Dimitrova” (2012), a co-author of “Lexicon of Bulgarian tradition” (2011), and a co-editor of the collection “Change of frames. Institutions after 1989 in Central Eastern Europe and at the Balkans” (2019). She published her articles in “Pismo”, “Tygiel Kultury”, “Kultura Popularna”, “Literatura na świecie”, and “Slavia Meridionalis”. She takes interest in cultural transfers and social imagination. She gave lectures at Collegium Civitas and Warsaw School of Photography. She collaborates with the History Meeting House in Warsaw.


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