Agnieszka Ayşen Kaim

Agnieszka Ayşen Kaim – a Polish turkologist born in Turkey and an assistant professor at the Slavic Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a translator of the Turkish language, and a storyteller in the “Grupa Studnia O.” Society where she also works as an organiser of cultural projects in Poland and abroad. She translates because it’s the quickest way of travelling between two countries, and she tells stories and gives lectures to show complexity of both cultures and their values, traditions, and personal stories. Working for “Grupa Studnia O.” she creates Orient-themed projects, focusing on Turkey and Persia and presenting them using movement and singing. She uses unknown epic poems and traditional stories, as well as personal stories of the Poles living in the Orient. She’s an author of the monography “Meddah – a traditional Turkish theatre of one actor”, “Meeting of spoken culture tradition with spectacle tradition” (2020), “People of two cultures. Selected cases of cultural transgressions of the Poles in the Ottoman Empire in the w 17th, 18th, and 19th century” (ISPAN, 2020), and a book for children and young adults “Bahar means spring” (2015).


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