Jacek Grekow, Anna Klebus, Jan Mlejnek, Mateusz Bielski

Jacek Grekow – an accordionist fascinated with Balkan culture. He graduated from the TU-Sofia, the Vienna Conservatory, and the Chopin University of Music. He’s a multi-instrumentalist also playing Bulgarian folk instruments: kaval and gaida. He’s a co-author of eight albums contributing as a composer, an arranger, and a player.

Anna Klebus – she started as an opera singer but ended up singing Balkan folk songs. In 2016 she won first prize at the international competition “World, Art and Sea” for her performance of Bulgarian Rhodope songs.

Jan Mlejnek
– he performs music for every occasion playing clarinet and folk tambura guitar. He graduated from the Chopin University of Music and the Lodz University where he studied German Philology.

Mateusz Bielski – a double bass player playing classical music, blues, and folk. He graduated from the Chopin University of Music (double bass faculty) and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences of the Bialystok University of Technology.


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