Katarzyna Federowicz

Katarzyna Federowicz – a sommelier, a hydro sommelier, a multisensory coach, a vocalist, a composer, and a mentor. She gives lectures at the International School of Bartenders and Sommeliers. She teaches about wine, mindful wine tasting, and an art of combining wine and food. She created her own programme of sensory workshops to teach about wine energy and connection between experiencing wine and music. She promotes Polish wine industry and advises wineries. She’s an author of food and travel articles, and a food critic. She specialises in gastronomy and is an expert at Warsaw restaurants. She is a juror in international wine and liqueur competitions. She hosts personal development and motivational sessions, both individual and personal, working with manifestation of desired version of reality. She’s a facilitator of Access Bars® Therapy and a voice therapist.


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