Aibek Daiyrbekov and Tolkun Daiyrbekova

Dear viewers, the guests of the "Eurasia" Festival will also be Aibek Daiyrbekov and Tolkun Daiyrbekova - director and producer of the Kyrgyz musical "Song of the tree". Aibek studied journalism at The Kyrgyz National University and participated in directing courses at the Foundation for the Development of Cinematography. He’s been the youngest ever president of the Kyrgyz Film Society since 2009. He met his wife, Tolkun, in 2004 when she was studying at a financial school in Bishkek and participating in a student camp organized by him. Her most important productions include "Song of the tree" (2018) and "The Scent of the Wormwood" (2022). Tolkun is also an organiser of the Karek Film Festival for children and young people, which aims to find and nurture future cinema professionals.

You will have a unique opportunity to meet Aibek and Tolkun after the screenings of their film "Song of the tree" in Luna (April 22, 20:30) and Atlantic (April 23, 20:30) cinemas!


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