"The song of the tree"

Dear viewers, we are slowly approaching the end of our film recommendations as part of the first edition of "Eurasia" - today, however, we want to recommend you the first Kyrgyz musical - "The song of the tree" by Aibek Daiyrbekov, whose story takes place in the eighteenth century at the foot of the majestic Tienshan peaks in the endless steppes of Kyrgyzstan. The film was based on the legends told to the director by his grandmother as a child. The fairy-tale story is also a pretext to show the customs of the nomadic peoples of Kyrgyzstan - from weddings and national sports to erecting a yurt. After the screening of the film, we encourage you to participate in a discussion with the director Aibek Dairbekov and Tolkun Dairbekova - the producer of the film.

The screening as part of the "Eurasia" Festival will be the Polish premiere of the film.

It will be shown in its original language with subtitles in Polish and English.

Show Dates:
- April 22, 20:30 - Luna Cinema

- April 23, 20:30 - Atlantic Cinema


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