"Fjaka. Season for Croatia" - Aleksandra Wojtaszek

Independent Croatia was born just over thirty years ago. It’s a young country with its history spanning over a thousand years, full of contradictions and understatements. It was built on the rubble of Yugoslavia which had broken up with a bang, leaving ruins, traumas, unfinished businesses, and unsettled scores. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world, full of music and laughter, smelling of sunscreen oil and grilled delicacies, but the sun doesn’t shine the same for everyone here.
Aleksandra Wojtaszek, who is as young as Croatia itself, spent most of her life trying to get to know it and understand it. In her book she talks about the football club Hajduk Split, war veterans, ex-seamstresses, prisoners of concentration camps, residents of Adriatic islands, economic transformation victims, Yugoslavian pop culture and Croatian speculative fiction, vampires, extinct languages, a few presidents and one pheasant king. She mergers all these pieces together, but what comes out is neither a closed nor a final chapter. Since there’s still season for Croatia, the whole story has yet to be written.


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