"Golden sands" - Sylwia Siedlecka

This isn’t a book about sunny Black Sea resorts that come to mind when we think of Bulgaria. This is a portrayal of a much rougher side of the country that has been shaped by over 1300 years of turbulent history.
Sylwia Siedlecka describes the last few decades: Todor Zhivkov’s iron-fist rule of communist Bulgaria, a period of difficult transformation, and a Bulgarian present day. She writes about places, times, and people – mostly about people. About a psychic named Wanga; an owner of Bulgarian circus; the prime minister Boyko Borissov who launched his political career as Zhivkov’s bodyguard; an architect who designed a gigantic monument resembling UFO, a symbol of Bulgarian socialism; the philosopher Julia Kristeva and her alleged collaboration with secret service; and residents of contemporary Sofia. About dramatic history scarred up in people’s lives, ingrained in architecture, shouted about in folk songs, and danced in choro.  
This a book about Bulgaria we’ve been waiting for.


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