The Crying Steppe

Płaczący step

Original title: The Crying Steppe
Genre: Historical drama
Director: Marina Kunarova
Country: Kazakhstan
Year of production: 2021
Czas: 108 min

Awards and nominations:
2021 Kazakh submission for the Academy Award

While the Soviets brutally collectivise Kazakhstan in the 1930s, a hunter Turar desperately fights for survival of his family. Stretched out on the vast steppes, the republic faces a devastating famine pre-programmed by the Bolsheviks and decimating the distraught residents. “The Crying Steppe” directed by Marina Kunarova is the first attempt at depicting the genocide, during which 1.5 million people died, using an epic scale of historical dramas and means characteristic for majestic period pieces. Authors of this Kazakh submission for the Academy Award don’t refrain from showing all dimensions of Soviet cruelty, yet always underline the invincibility of the human spirit and the indomitability of the indigenous peoples. The film is dedicated to the international organisations which helped the residents to survive the calamities caused by the Soviets and to rise after years of systemic genocide. “The Crying Steppe” turns out to be a reminder of how important support for those losing lives under Soviet rule is.
Author: Bolesław Racięski
* * *
Marina Kunarova – a Kazakh director, an author of three features and the first woman
whose film has been a Kazakh candidate for the Academy Award.






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